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Senin, 03 Oktober 2011Y

*cleaning dusts*
Wowww.. Last time I write in my blog, was 6months ago..
I don't know what to write now,, but I just can't sleep..
For last 3 months I've been busy with my thesis..
Now I'm waiting for my exam day..
Which will be held next week..
Wish me luck!!

I hv another blog, anetchan16.tumblr.com
Visit me there.. :p

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Kamis, 31 Maret 2011Y
JYJ cancel their concert in indonesia..

such a good news huh?
maybe there's many indonesian cassiopeia shock when they heard this news..
i mean,, they waited since along time for seeing their idol.. in live stage..
but, for me,, i was happy when i hear that.. *sorry*

first time when i heard JYJ will come, i thougt 'i should go to jakarta, i should see them!'
but suddenly my schedule change,, i have class on 4th april,,
and i can't go to jakarta just for seeing their concert,,
cos next week at 17th my fam will hold a party in jakarta,,
so at least i must stay there,,
i cant just go to the concert and back to my town and then go to jakarta again for the party,,
so,, i sold my vip a ticket,,
and just few days after i sold the ticket,,
there's an announcement for their concert cancelation..

wohooooo... >.<
sorry cass,, let's pray maybe this is not the right time to see them,,
we'll get another better time... hehehe..

05.05 Photobucket
Jumat, 25 Februari 2011Y
my dream come true.. ^^

finally,, JYJ will come to Indonesia,,
they will held a concert in jakarta on 9th april..
i'll go there for sure..

can't wait for the next information,,
hope i can get the best seat..
i'll go and get a lot of their pictures!!!!

01.57 Photobucket
Senin, 10 Januari 2011Y
KIM JOO WON!!! Saranghae!!!!

i'm falling in love with Kim Joo Won.. ^^

he's a character from korean drama Secret Garden....
played by hyun bin..
the movie is still on going in korea,,
2 last episode will air this week end.. saturday and sunday..


going crazy because of that drama
can't wait for the final... >.<

oh,, i just finished my final exam for this semester,,
today is the last day!!!
hope i can pass the exam.. ^^
and get a good score..

22.08 Photobucket

ok,, i know it's late,,
today's already jan, 11th..
but still i wanna start my first post in 2011 with Happy New Year Greetings.. hahahahaha.... ^^

it's been 2 months since my last post...
i already bought a tripod..
and done with my first project,,
i've taken fireworks photos at new years eve.. ^^




i'll try to take another shoot,,
maybe on lunar new year.. ^^
hope it will be better..

21.46 Photobucket
Selasa, 05 Oktober 2010Y
♥ mickey ♥

last week i received my new lens for my sony camera.. :)
minolta 50mm 1:1,7 *yippie*

this is some photos taken with the lens..




next target : Tripod!!! coz i want to take some fireworks photos for the next new year eve.. ^^
and zoom lens.. XD hahahahaha...

ooww,, i need to save more money,, coz since few months ago,,
my laptop is broken,, so i need to buy another one,,

thats all.. c u on my next post.. hahahahahaha....

23.22 Photobucket
Kamis, 22 Juli 2010Y

my first experience,,,

stay overnight at hospital and do the field study.. 

that's great,, i like it,, i don't mean that i like to see people with bone fracture or someone who came to the hospital with bloody head..

but the experience that i learned there is diferent with the one that i have on the class,,

and the doctors, they're so kind,, they give us (me and my friends)  many things to learn.. :)

many things new.. >.<>

i want to do that next time.. :)

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